A Complete Guide To Cremation Jewelry: Everything You Should Know


When someone you have dearly loved passes away, your whole world has been turned upside down. You were used to them being here, and now they’re not. All you are left with is your loved one’s ashes and a hole in your heart. One vital way we can cope with the pain of loss is to honor our loved one’s memory in a special way – to do something that pays tribute to how important they were in our lives. Another method of coping is to hold something close to you that makes you feel closer to them, even though they’re gone from this world.

That’s where cremation jewelry comes in. Many people find that having a piece of jewelry made from the ashes of their loved one helps them to heal by memorializing this special person’s life, and to feel more connected with them as they go about their day-to-day lives. In this article, we’ll look at cremation jewelry: what it is, who it’s for, and how it can help the grieving process.

What are important things to know about Cremation Jewelry?

  1.     What Is Cremation Jewelry?
  2.     Why Do People Choose To Get Cremation Jewelry?
  3.     Who Is Cremation Jewelry For?
  4.     Types of Cremation Jewelry
  5.     How Is Cremation Jewelry Made?
  6.     How To Choose the Best Cremation Jewelry
  7.     Where To Buy the Best Cremation Jewelry

What Is Cremation Jewelry?

So, let’s get into our guide on all there is to know about cremation jewelry, starting with our answers to the question, “what exactly is cremation jewelry?”

A Type of Memorial Keepsake

Memorial keepsakes are small items that we can hold onto that remind us of our loved ones who have passed. There are many different types of memorial keepsakes that you can get, but cremation jewelry is special because you can carry it with you wherever you go. It’s a subtle gesture that your loved one is always with you in your heart.

To others, it just looks like we’re wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, and for those of us who are uncomfortable talking about our loss, we can keep it a secret. On the other hand, if we want to talk about our loved one with others, cremation jewelry can be a conversation starter that allows you to share your favorite memories or stories about this special person and how they touched your life.

A Way To Use Your Loved One’s Ashes

Having a loved one pass away is an emotionally exhausting experience. After all of the difficult tasks of arranging the funeral, having the cremation ceremony, and attempting to hold ourselves together, we might not even have energy left to consider what to do with our loved one’s cremation ashes. It’s not unusual for people to keep their loved one’s ashes in an unattractive urn that was provided by the funeral home, or even in a box, out of sight and out of mind. Cremation jewelry is a wonderful way to take a small amount of those ashes and make something beautiful and precious from them.

A Special Way To Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

The last thing we want to do is forget someone we love who has passed away. This important person brought so much light into your life, and the love you shared with each other is something that should never be forgotten. Having a beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry made from your loved one’s cremation ashes is a way of honoring them and the special part they played in your life. It symbolizes the permanence of your love for them, and as you wear the memorial jewelry each day, the precious memory of your loved one lives on.

A Unique Item That Has Meaning

One of the best things about having memorial jewelry for your loved one’s ashes is that you have many choices of what the piece of jewelry will be like. This means that the jewelry made from their ashes will be unique and special, not just an item like everyone else has. There are many options to choose from, and we’ll take a look at some of them below.

Why Do People Choose To Get Cremation Jewelry?

When you first hear about the idea of memorial jewelry for ashes, it may seem like a pretty strange idea. But there are lots of reasons why people have jewelry made from their loved one’s cremation ashes.

It Helps the Healing Process

Cremation jewelry can have a very healing effect for people overwhelmed with the pain of loss. While grief doesn’t just go away, there are ways to cope better with the feelings. Getting a piece of jewelry for the ashes of your loved one can help in a few important ways.

  • You can feel connected with your loved one. Wearing keepsake jewelry for your loved one’s ashes is a tactile reminder that you’re carrying a little piece of them with you. This can ease feelings of overwhelming loneliness or regret and bring you a lot of emotional comfort.
  • You can more easily acknowledge your feelings. Trying to hide your grief is very damaging, yet we often do it. Keepsake cremation jewelry allows us to experience our feelings more because we are constantly reminded of our loved one.
  • You can integrate back into your routine better. Going back to work after someone we love has passed away can be a very upsetting experience, largely because it feels like we’re moving on too fast. But wearing a piece of cremation jewelry allows you to understand you carry them with you forever.
  • You can see the permanence in your love. Your loved one is no longer here in their body, but you can be sure that the love you shared with them is something that stretches on forever. Cremation jewelry is a reminder that this love will never go away.

It Memorializes A Loved One

Keeping the memory of your loved one alive is a very important part of working through grief. Having keepsake jewelry made from your loved ones' cremation ashes is a powerful way to do that. Cremation jewelry is a physical expression of your lasting love for the person you have lost. Whether people around you know about the jewelry’s meaning or not, just expressing your love in your own way is powerful. In the same way, wearing keepsake jewelry made from ashes shows that you honor and respect your loved one.

Memorializing your loved one with a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry brings a sense of positivity to a very emotionally challenging time. It helps you remember the love you had with this special person and all the amazing memories you shared together. It strengthens the knowledge that it was worth it to have had them in your life, despite all the pain you’re in right now.

It’s a Beautiful, Lasting Item To Cherish

The whirlwind of emotions that grief entails can make you feel like there’s nothing to hold onto in the storm. But cremation jewelry is exactly that: a physical item for you to hold. It’s something real and tangible to bring yourself back to time and again. Not only that, but it’s permanent, so you have the reassurance that you’ll always have this precious thing to hold onto that will remind you of your loved one.

Having your loved one’s cremation ashes made into jewelry turns sadness into beauty in a genuine sense – a beauty that reflects what you saw in them. That’s why, for many people, their piece of cremation jewelry is one of their most precious belongings. They’ll cherish this item forever and even pass it down through the generations – a physical heirloom to symbolize the memory of this special person being passed down through the family.

You Can Keep It With You Forever, No Matter Your Location

There are lots of things you can do with a loved one’s ashes when they pass away, and many of them are beautiful memorial ideas. But cremation jewelry has something that none of the others have: the fact that no matter where you go in the world, you will always have the memorial with you. You can move house, even move country, and your loved one’s cremation ashes will be right there with you. You could think of this as symbolic for how you’ll carry their love with you wherever you go, for the rest of your life. And that’s a very comforting thought.

They Can Serve As Gifts

If you know someone who has lost a loved one and who is having a very hard time dealing with the grief, giving a thoughtful gift to them can make a world of difference. It shows that you care, that you understand, and that you are there to support them. Giving this person the gift of cremation jewelry made from the ashes of their loved one will light up their whole world. Now they’ll have something beautiful they can have forever to keep their loved one’s memory close.

Who Is Cremation Jewelry For?

What kind of people wear keepsake jewelry for their loved one’s ashes? The truth is, cremation jewelry is fitting for anyone, in many different situations.

For Anyone Who Wants to Remember Their Loved One

Many people fear that as they heal from the pain of grief, they’ll forget the person they loved so much. While we do need to eventually get back into life again, and find ways to cope with the pain, we never actually lose the love we had for the one we’ve lost. The intensity of that love stays just as powerful as it always was. Cremation jewelry made from ashes is a way we can remind ourselves of that love over and over. It will carry with it the happy memories that you made with this person, the importance they had in your life, and the beauty you saw in them.

For Giving As a Gift To Someone Who Is Mourning

There are lots of things you can give as a gift to someone you care about who is struggling with grief – but few are as meaningful as a piece of keepsake jewelry made from ashes. Simply put, the gift of cremation jewelry can turn their terribly painful feelings into hope and love. Now that’s a special gift to give.

For Human or Pet Ashes

Pets are like family to a lot of people, so losing a furbaby can be just as painful as losing a human family member. Cremation jewelry can be made from a pet’s ashes just like from human ashes, so it’s a wonderful way of memorializing a special pet you have loved so much when you’ve had to say goodbye. Your beloved companion can stay with you in this memorial jewelry just as they did when they were alive.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

There are so many different kinds of cremation jewelry out there, you’ll be able to find something truly unique and beautiful. Let’s look at the different kinds of cremation jewelry you can choose from.

Made From Ashes vs. Made To Hold Ashes

There are 2 distinct ways that cremation jewelry is made. One type of memorial jewelry is for holding your loved one’s ashes, while the other is actually made from your loved one’s ashes. An example of memorial jewelry made for holding ashes is a pendant necklace that acts as a small container that you can put some of your loved one’s cremains inside of. This kind of memorial keepsake jewelry looks like ordinary jewelry but functions as a tiny receptacle for ashes. You can tell people the special meaning of the piece, or keep it to yourself as a secret.

Then there’s jewelry made from ashes. This special type of cremation jewelry goes further than just containing ashes – it is made using a process that actually infuses your loved one’s ashes into the material of the jewelry. An example of this is hand-blown glass memorial jewelry from ashes, which carefully weaves a small amount of cremation ashes into the glass blowing process. This results in a very precious piece of keepsake jewelry that you’ll treasure forever. Cremation jewelry that’s made from ashes is often considered the most meaningful option because of its one-of-a-kind uniqueness, its artful creation process, and its timeless significance.

Different Materials Used for Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry can be made using a wide variety of materials, each with their own benefits and appearance. Here are some of the common materials used.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is intentionally made to be very durable and to last a long time. It doesn’t stain like other metals can, and because it has no plating, you can’t chip it. This means your memorial jewelry will stand the test of time and look beautiful for many years. You won’t have to spend time and effort maintaining stainless steel cremation jewelry, so you can wear it day-in and day-out without focusing on its upkeep. Stainless steel memorial jewelry is an affordable alternative to gold and silver that still looks stylish and attractive.


Wood is a lovely material for memorial keepsake jewelry for a number of reasons. It’s lightweight, so very comfortable to wear. Because of the fact it’s totally natural, wooden cremation jewelry is hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin. This affordable material is easily carved into all kinds of complex shapes and designs, so you’ll find a wide variety of attractive options. Wood is eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes it a thoughtful choice when considering the circle of life.


Brass is a wonderful choice of material for cremation jewelry, because it has a lovely golden shine that’s similar to gold, but a fraction of the price. Brass is easy for jewelers to work with, so they can make a variety of memorial jewelry designs. It’s a corrosion-resistant, durable material, which means it will last for generations with just a little bit of maintenance to keep it polished. Even when it’s not polished it has a rustic, vintage look that a lot of people like.

Gold & Silver

Choosing gold or silver as the material for your cremation jewelry is a beautiful choice. While gold and silver jewelry is significantly more expensive than other materials, they’re a precious investment that will never lose value. Gold and silver don’t rust, so they’ll stay beautiful forever. On top of that, there are several known health benefits of wearing jewelry made from these materials, including stress-reduction, improved blood circulation, and protection against infections.


There’s a reason why glass is a special material when it comes to cremation jewelry. Glass memorial keepsake jewelry actually infuses your loved one’s cremation ashes into the glass blowing process, which means the piece of jewelry is made from the ashes rather than just containing them. Glass is a great choice for cremation jewelry because it is lovingly made by skilled artisans, making each piece a real work of art. Every piece of hand-blown glass cremation jewelry is completely unique and one-of-a-kind, due to the creation process.


Another material for cremation ashes jewelry is resin, which can also have your loved one’s ashes infused into the piece. Resin is hard to damage, so you can be sure your memorial keepsake jewelry will last a long time. It’s resistant to water, doesn’t rust, and doesn’t discolor over time. You won’t need to do anything to maintain your resin cremation jewelry. Resin can be molded into a wide variety of designs, so you won’t be stuck with a generic piece that everyone else has.

The Most popular Styles and forms of Cremation Jewelry

The most popular form of keepsake jewelry for ashes is necklaces with cremation pendants. This style of cremation jewelry allows you to keep your loved one’s memory close to your heart, quite literally. But there are a variety of choices when it comes to memorial jewelry, and it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable wearing every day. Some popular choices are:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Charms
  • Earrings
  • Broaches

How is Cremation Jewelry Made?

Let’s take a look now at the creation processes for the different materials that cremation jewelry can be made from.

Resin Cremation Jewelry Made from Ashes

  • Customers mail in about ½ a teaspoon of their loved one’s cremation ashes to be used in the memorial jewelry’s creation
  • The ashes are mixed with the resin, which has a viscous texture, and color is added
  • The resin and ashes mixture is poured into a mold
  • The resin slowly dries to become a solid, hard piece of memorial jewelry
  • Resin makes for a durable inlay material for pendant necklaces and other styles

Wooden Memorial Jewelry

  • An attractive piece of wood is carved into shape either by hand-chiseling, using a dremel machine or laser cutter
  • The design features a hollowed-out interior where the loved one’s cremation ashes can be added
  • The wooden piece is then sanded down to make it smooth
  • A coat of varnish is added to ensure that the piece of memorial jewelry is waterproof and long-lasting

Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

  • First, the steel is tempered, which involves repeatedly heating it up and cooling it down. This keeps it from shattering later on the creation process
  • Then the steel is heated up with a blow torch until it’s glowing orange in color
  • The craftsman gently taps on the steel against an anvil to shape it, making sure to create a hollow area to contain the cremation ashes
  • The steel is cooled to room temperature, and hardens
  • A buffing wheel is used to polish the finished piece

Hand Blown Glass Keepsake Jewelry Made from Ashes

  • The customer sends in about 1 teaspoon of their loved one’s cremation ashes
  • Glass is heated up in a furnace until it’s a glowing, molten ball
  • It is then rolled in the cremation ashes to infuse the glass and ashes together
  • After the glass is heated up again, it is carefully shaped by hand into the desired design
  • You may find glass pendant necklaces in this style

How To Choose The Best Cremation Jewelry

It’s important to choose the perfect piece of memorial jewelry for your loved one’s ashes, for a few different reasons. A truly gorgeous piece will honor your loved one’s memory, make you feel proud to wear it, and look beautiful on you. When you’re looking for the best cremation jewelry, look for these qualities:

Is It Unique?

You want to be sure that the piece of cremation jewelry for your loved one’s ashes is unique and one-of-a-kind. Don’t settle for a mass-created cremation necklace, bracelet, or earrings set. Find a piece that is a work of art in itself, that no one else has an exact replica of, and that stands out in its beauty just like the one you loved.

Is It High Quality?

Pay attention to the materials that your cremation jewelry is made from. Will the material last a long time without being damaged, rusted or stained? Is it solid, where it won’t fall apart over time? You want to be sure that your precious piece of memorial jewelry is durable enough to last a lifetime. Also, pay attention to the craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of your piece. Was it lovingly and carefully made by artisans highly skilled in their trade?

Is It Beautiful?

Choose a piece of memorial jewelry that uses your loved one’s ashes in a beautiful way. You want something that will be stunning to look at, and that you’ll feel proud to wear every day. Try to find a piece that captures the timeless beauty of your loved one.

Does It Capture Who Your Loved One Was?

It’s a good idea to find an item of jewelry that captures your loved one’s unique spirit and personality. You could do this by incorporating their favorite color, an image or shape that represents their interests or their role in your life. An example of this would be a cremation necklace pendant made with your pet’s ashes, crafted in the shape of a paw print in the same color as your pet’s collar.

Where To Buy the Best Cremation Jewelry

So, where do you go to find the best cremation jewelry for your loved one’s ashes? Here are our top 4 best vendors of quality, beautiful memorial keepsake jewelry for cremation ashes.

Reminiss Memorials

Reminiss Memorials is an artist’s collective based out of Seattle, who lovingly craft precious memorial keepsakes out of glass. Your loved one’s ashes are skillfully woven into the glass artworks as part of the highly skilled glassblowing process. They offer a range of beautiful art pieces to uniquely capture the memory of both humans and pets, including a new line of gorgeous glass and resin cremation jewelry. Reminiss Memorials’ products are made with a very high standard of quality, and a lot of creativity, love and skill is put into their pieces. They also have the fastest turnaround time of the companies in this list.

Artful Ashes

A family-owned company that was inspired by the founders’ own experiences of loss, Artful Ashes was created to bring healing to others during their own grieving experience. You can actually go to watch the glass-blowers hand craft their beautiful pieces, which is pretty cool. The cremation jewelry they make is called Angel Wings Pendants, which are lovely heart-shaped pendants where the cremation ashes are formed to look like angel wings surrounding the heart. It’s a lovely concept, and the products are skillfully made to a high quality standard.

Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces is an online marketplace of handmade memorial art pieces. Independent glass artists from all over the US sell their memorial keepsake jewelry here. The website offers a huge range of cremation jewelry, from rings to bracelets, made from a variety of materials. Each hand-crafted piece is infused with cremation ashes. We love this website because there are so many different pieces to choose from. However, this vast marketplace can be a little overwhelming to navigate through.


This famous marketplace for hand-crafted items is a great website for finding unique, beautifully made cremation jewelry. There’s a lot of competition between sellers on this site, so the quality level and creativity involved in the pieces are generally excellent. One awesome thing about Etsy is you can easily work with the seller to customize your piece of memorial keepsake jewelry, by adding engraved text or requesting custom-made designs.

In Conclusion

Cremation jewelry is a meaningful way to carry your loved one’s memory with you wherever you go. It’s a unique way to feel more connected with your loved one, and to honor their life through something truly beautiful. The information in this guide should help you in making an informed decision when choosing the perfect cremation jewelry to honor the one you’ll always remember. Pick out your favorite piece of memorial keepsake jewelry for your loved one’s ashes today, and wear it with love. This will help you to heal during your journey through grief.