Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Loved One’s Ashes

Making funeral arrangements for your loved one is one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have to go through. Not only are you dealing with the grief of losing this important person in your life, but you also have to make decisions about the details of your loved one’s final farewell.

A vital part of arranging the funeral is choosing the urn that will hold your loved one’s ashes. When you think about it, the urn is their final resting place, so choosing the right one is something that should have thought put into it. In this article, we’ll look at how to choose the perfect urn that will match the beauty of your loved one.

What Types of Urns Do I Have To Choose From?

There are a number of factors you’ll want to take into consideration when you’re planning the perfect urn to hold your loved one’s ashes.

What Do You Plan To Do With the Ashes?

The style of urn you choose for your loved one’s ashes will largely depend on what you plan to do with it. The most common way that people choose to utilize an urn is to display it in their homes. With this option, you’ll want to choose a beautiful, decorative urn that you’ll treasure in your home forever.

Another common use for an urn is to carry your loved one’s ashes temporarily, in preparation for scattering in a special place that has meaning. This option means you don’t have to concentrate on the beauty of the urn, just its functionality in being able to properly store and carry the ashes for a time.

Some families choose to divide up the ashes so that multiple people who loved this special person get to have a part of them close by. In this case, each family member has the option of choosing the type of urn they would like – whatever seems like the best way to hold their loved one’s memory.

What’s the Best Type of Material for an Urn?

There are a few choices when it comes to what you’d like your loved one’s urn to be made from. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll share here.

Wooden Urns

A common material for urns is fine wood, such as oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany. Urns made of wood are very customizable, and come in a huge variety of shapes and styles, from modern to traditional.

The pros of wooden urns are:

  • Attractiveness
    The appearance of fine wood has warmth and natural beauty.
  • Customizability
    Wood as a material allows for names or significant details to be easily engraved.

The cons of wooden urns are:

  • Can Be Damaged Easily
    Wood may scratch easily or be chipped over time.
  • Requires Upkeep
    You’ll need to polish the wood every so often to keep it looking beautiful.

Metal Urns

Another popular option is metal urns, commonly made from brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel. They are a more traditional option, often having a classic look.

The pros of metal urns are:

  • Durability
    Metal urns are very sturdy, so they hold up well over a very long time.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Functionality
    Whether you want to display the urn inside or outside, metal makes it possible.

The cons of metal urns are:

  • Cost
    Metal urns are one of the more expensive choices you can make.
  • Fewer Design Choices
    Most metal urns come in more conservative and mass-market designs that can lack creativity.

Stone Urns

Some people choose urns made out of stone, such as marble, granite, or even jade. They are a very dignified choice, having been used for thousands of years.

The pros of stone urns are:

  • Appearance
    Stone urns have an elegant, luxurious look to them.
  •  Engravings Will Last Forever
    Anything you have engraved on a stone urn will stay intact for all time.

The cons of stone urns are:

  • Price
    Stone urns can be extremely expensive.
  • Fewer designs to choose from
    It’s more difficult to capture your loved one’s uniqueness in a stone urn.

Glass Urns

Choosing a glass urn is a unique and personal way to express your loved one’s beauty. Glass urns are becoming more and more popular because of their artistic, precious meaning.

The pros of glass urns are:

  • Made with love and craftsmanship
    Glass blowing is no easy thing, so you know that your loved one’s urn is made with care and attention.
  • Truly beautiful in appearance
    With swirling colors and gorgeous shapes, glass urns capture a beauty that no other type of urn can.
  • Full of meaning
    Instead of buying a pre-made urn for your loved one, you can have one made especially for them. You can even have their ashes intertwined with the glass.
  • A work of art
    Rather than being purely functional, glass urns are very special, unique pieces of art that you can cherish forever.

The cons of glass urns are:

Potentially fragile
While some glass urns can be fragile, ours are made with a shape and thickness that ensure your loved one’s ashes are kept safe forever.

Some families choose to divide up the ashes so that multiple people who loved this special person get to have a part of them close by. In this case, each family member has the option of choosing the type of urn they would like – whatever seems like the best way to hold their loved one’s memory.

What Should I Look For In The Perfect Urn?

There are certain qualities that make an urn stand out, and take it from being a necessity to being something you can cherish for a lifetime. When you’re choosing the perfect urn for your loved one’s ashes, consider these factors.

Is it beautiful?

You don’t want to choose an urn that’s plain and boring. Pick out a gorgeous piece of art that captures the true beauty of your loved one.

Is it personalized?

A mass-produced, generic urn doesn’t deserve to act as your loved one’s final resting place. Choose something that captures a part of who they were.

Is it meaningful?

Put time and care into choosing an urn that celebrates the special part your loved one played in your life.

Is It Precious?

Forget about urns that are purely functional. Pick out an urn that you and your family will treasure forever as one of the most precious things you own.

The Key To Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Loved One

An urn shouldn’t be a side note in your loved one’s funeral arrangements. Taking time and care in choosing the perfect kind of urn will ensure that this beautiful person is celebrated in a way that fits the unique and unfathomable value they brought to your life. Your loved one was so precious, so full of color, so incredibly loved. Make sure to pick out an urn that deserves to be their final resting place.