A Complete Guide To Spirit Pieces

A Complete Guide To Spirit Pieces

Losing a loved one is an unimaginable loss. It’s deep-felt grief, sometimes even an overwhelming feeling of abandonment, that we carry for the rest of our life.

How do we cope with a loss of that magnitude?

Most of us have, at one point in our life, been subjected to this harsher reality, and we find a coping mechanism. We press pause on our feelings, find healthy or unhealthy ways to divert our attention and do everything we can to continue life without our loved ones.

But we’ve been doing it all wrong, haven’t we?

Our loved ones don’t need to be forgotten to make our lives livable. No. They have to be honored and remembered. And the best way to do that is through spirit pieces.


What Are Spirit Pieces?

Our loved one’s ashes deserve a better final resting place than the vase on our mantelpieces, and spirit pieces serve that purpose.

For those of you who’re new to the term, spirit pieces are memorials that can be held and touched. They’re crafted with a unique glass-and-remains infusion process—swirls of ashes and gorgeous colors that sparkle and shine. There really couldn’t be a better way to memorialize a loved one.

If you have, like most readers, decided to turn to Google to find a spirit piece maker that offers the fastest delivery, we’re here to tell you that it’s not the time to make impulsive decisions.

We’re talking about the ashes of our loved ones. If something goes wrong during the memorial creation process, you’ll feel grief, resentment, and anger, and most of it, you’ll direct at yourself. You’d be left in more pieces than you were when you started your journey towards making their memory timeless.

To avoid this possibility, you must do your research before selecting a company to deliver the service. With so many businesses offering cremation art, it can be quite a trip to find one that best suits the vibe you’re looking for.

Here’s a tip: Look for businesses that do all the crafting themselves, not businesses that outsource it. Celebration Ashes can prove to be the perfect starting point.


Why Choose Celebration Ashes to Memorialize Your Loved Ones?

Celebration Ashes is home to a team of experienced and dedicated artisan glass blowers and designers who have, like you, experienced loss. And if there’s someone who understands the grieving and healing process better than anybody else, it’s people who’ve been subjected to the same, brutal letting-go process.

With Celebration Ashes, a Seattle-based art studio, you can be at peace knowing that the artisan who does the creative process is a safe choice to trust your loved one’s ashes with. They know just how personal the process is and consider it an honor to make beautiful memorial pieces that will serve as a remembrance and a celebration of your loved one’s life and remain by your side for a lifetime.


Art Pieces by Celebration Ashes

Celebration Ashes understands that everybody is unique and thus, offers a range of art pieces that can embody your pet’s or loved one’s individuality. Here’s a sneak peek at our most popular glass art pieces.

Cremation Heart

Hand-blown heart cremation keepsakes symbolize the special place your loved ones occupy in your life—your heart. Crafted with a tablespoon of ashes, each elegant heart glass is fused with rich colors that celebrate the life of your loved ones.

Every individual cremation heart piece is a unique work of art. We offer three categories—classic, valor, and team pride—so you can choose one that best resonates with your memory of your loved one.

If you’re looking to memorialize your pet, you’ll be relieved to know that we offer a range of hand-blown glass heart memorial pieces, each finished with stunning iridescence to commemorate your spirit and love for your pet. They also come in a paw print design to better resonate with your memory of your beloved pet.


Paperweight Orb with Cremation Ash

The Celebration Ashes paperweight orb, made from premium imported glass, is a lustrous glass art design that casts a beautiful aura when held against the light, especially when paired with a fine light base.

These glass-art paperweight orbs come in 27 beautiful hues. Crafted by hand, the cremation ashes encased in each orb and kaleidoscopic colors resemble the milky way galaxy—just the kind of otherworldly experience that befits the memory of your loved ones.


Memorial Christmas Ornaments

Holidays without the presence of our loved ones can be brutal. And we often copy by trying to continue their traditions as a way to keep their memory afresh in our thoughts.

Memorial Christmas Ornaments ensure their memory never dims. These spirit pieces are made with premium dichroic glass and approximately one tablespoon of your loved one’s remains—what you get is a masterpiece that radiates a beautiful spectrum of light. They help commemorate the loss of loved ones and pets in a way that pays tribute to their memory every day, year after year, decade after decade.

Cremation Glass Votive Holder

The Cremation Glass Votive Holder is a hand-blown spirit piece that serves to preserve the memory of a loved one forever. Made by carefully fusing ashes into glass, the Cremation Glass Votive Holder allows you to connect with the loved one’s passing spiritually.

Wondering what you can do with them? Light a candle to celebrate your connection and honor their memory. Available in a range of colors, the Cremation Glass Votive Holder is bound to resonate with the individual radiance of the loved ones through a spectrum of calming hues.


That’s not all Celebration Ashes offers. Customers can also browse through our Heroes collection, which honors people who work on the front lines. Cylinder vases where you can put your loved ones’ favorite blooms and glass floats to give them a final resting place are just some of the options you can explore. You can check out the entire range through our website.


Pricing Structure

Celebration Ashes employs some of the most experienced glassblowers in the country to make a one-of-its-kind masterpiece of your loved one’s remains. Our professionalism and supreme care, understanding, and respect of the healing process do not come with a high pricing structure.

That’s the beauty of our family-friendly business.

Instead, our pricing structure depends on the intricacies of designs and sizes (if applicable). You can explore your options by checking the extensive range of spirit pieces we offer.


How to Order

Celebration Ashes is a customer-centric business. Right from browsing through the memorials to the ordering process, we make the process as easy as possible. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Step 1: Place an order by selecting the cremation product of your choosing. Once you do that, we will send a collection kit your way.
  • Step 2: Read the instructions in the collection kit carefully, put your loved one’s ashes in the collection vessel that comes with the kit, and mail the kit to Celebration Ashes using the priority mail return envelope included in the package via USPS. It should cost you approximately $27 to ship the remains (including tracking and insurance.)
  • Step 3: Once your kit reaches the studio, we will confirm receipt via email. Following this, our skilled artisan will undertake the delicate process of commemorating the memory of your loved ones and pets. Your order will be mailed to you, free of charge, within four weeks of accepting the order.

If there’s anything you want to communicate with the team at work on your spirit piece, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Celebration Ashes understands just how difficult this process can be for you, which is why we make every attempt possible to ensure a hassle-free and safe experience.


Client Reviews

Here’s a glimpse of what our customers are saying about the services we offer:

“I chose the Patriotic piece to memorialize my husband's ashes because he was a true American. It sits proudly on display in my house and I will cherish it forever. It is truly a beautiful piece of art.”-Loryanne Rehne (ordered Cremation Glass Art Keepsake paperweight orb | Patriotic)

“I simply cannot believe how gorgeous this is - it shimmers and sparkles like starlight, which is what my Mother is. This was her favorite color and it’s extremely comforting to see it every day. Especially when the sunlight hits it, pictures do not do it justice. Thank you so much to the incredible crafts person who made this - it means the world to me..”-Maura Casey (ordered the Cremation Glass Art Paperweight Egg with Ashes | Zephyr | Zephyr )

“We took a long weekend at the beach to spread our sweet girl’s ashes and came home to find her beautiful memorial waiting for us. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the piece. The colors are gorgeous with swirls of purple and pale blue (just like her eyes), and just the right amount of sparkle and iridescence. It is a beautiful reminder of the special bond we shared, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. Thank you to the artists and crew at Celebration Ashes for this wonderful tribute to my heart dog. And a bigger thank you for including a touchstone so she can go wherever I go.”-Cassie Leonardo (ordered Hand Blown Glass Pet Memorial | Kenobi Heart )

If you’d like to learn more about what our members feel, please visit our website. Many a genuine buyer has found that Celebration Ashes goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering masterpieces of loved one’s remains.


Perks of Purchasing Spirit Pieces from Celebration Ashes

Knowing that your loved ones' remains and private information are safe and secure with a professional artisan who understands the remains’ importance in your life is perhaps the most important perk of purchasing glass pieces from Celebration Ashes.

Where do you keep these spirit pieces? Wouldn’t they topple or fall over? That’s a possibility that worries even the most optimistic of us. We’d like to assure you that all our pieces are designed to be stable and lie flat on any surface. You can place them in any part of your house—among the family pictures, dining table, workstation, basically, anywhere you see fit.

We also understand just how crucial the healing process is and aim to be your partner through all your ups and downs. This is why we send a complimentary hand-blown glass touchstone to all our members. These touchstones fit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to carry your loved one’s memory wherever you go.


Why Choose Celebration Ashes?

The spirit pieces industry is comparatively new, yes, but it has its fair share of businesses and products on the market.

So, why should you pick Celebration Ashes when you have companies like Spirit Pieces with their expansive range of product offerings and Artful Ashes with their beautiful collection of cremation art pieces?

The distinction, it would seem, is hard to define. But what we do know is this—when it comes to the ashes and remains of our loved ones, we’re not open to taking any chances. We want to work with people we can trust.

Living in an age driven by technology, a human element is typically absent in many transactions. For example, when you choose to place an order with a business like Spirit Pieces, the information you enter on their website is forwarded to an artist on contract along with the Collection kit. While they work beautifully, there’s no assurance that their contracted artisans equate the process with the honor and attention it deserves.

On the other hand, Celebration Ashes does every step of the process in-house. You will never face any problems with transactions, personal information, and other sensitive customer data. Plus, we have great pricing options, positive reviews from customers and are confident of our customer-centric approach.

Trust us to make a comforting, ethereal spirit piece out of your pet’s and loved one’s ashes.