What Are Artful Ashes? Hand Blown Glass Keepsakes

Capturing a Memory: Finding Safe and Beautiful Ways to Honor Loved Ones 

People grieve and honor loved ones who have moved on in very personal ways. There are many companies that offer tangible, artful expressions that incorporate ashes into unique and creative pieces. It can be difficult to know which company to choose to entrust with such a precious mission at such a sensitive time. The artisans at Celebration Ashes take professionalism seriously and have committed to producing only the highest-quality pieces that are sure to become instant treasures.


What Are Artful Ashes? 

Also called cremation glass art, these pieces are usually handcrafted glass designs that incorporate your loved one’s ashes in some way. Cremation glass art can range in size from small, palm-sized touchstones to larger orbs, votive holders, or even striking glass urns. As more people choose cremation in the United States than ever before, the idea of capturing some of the ashes in a lasting and creative memorial is becoming more widespread. Artful creations integrate a small amount of ashes into a glass work of art that people often choose to display as a visible reminder of their loved one or even as a conversation piece.


With so many companies and artisan studios online, customers are often bewildered by the choices. Naturally, it is a very sensitive time when a loved one has passed, and navigating through companies to find one that is trustworthy, professional, and deeply respectful is a challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways to determine if a company is the right choice to entrust your loved ones’ ashes to. While many companies offer a similar service, not all artful ashes are created the same.


Finding a Meaningful Way to Handle Cremation Ashes

Traditionally, people in the US preferred to bury their loved ones, although cremation is an ancient way to say a final goodbye as well. Preserving mourning mementos, trinkets, or jewelry has long been a way that family and friends remember those who have passed. Despite this, when many people think of keeping cremation ashes, they think of sturdy, serious-looking urns that sit on a mantel or a shelf. However, there are many creative ways to keep loved ones close in a beautiful or even celebratory way. Artisan glassblowers are crafting detailed and stunning pieces.


It is common for people to struggle with the best way to handle their loved one’s cremation ashes. Often they do not know they have options when it comes to creating memorials. It can be a great comfort to know that part of your loved one is nearby and forever memorialized. Many people also want to make mementos for several family members that offer a touchable yet beautiful way to stay connected. Families sometimes struggle with keeping a traditional urn. Conflicts may arise as to who should keep the urn. It can be a challenge to find an urn that is attractive and complementary to the decor in the home.


Can You Safely Store Cremation Ashes at Home?

At least one in five families store their loved one’s ashes at home. It can bring a sense of closeness to have the remains nearby. Some opt to scatter or place the ashes in the front or backyard of their home, but many keep them in an urn. But there can be drawbacks to keeping cremation ashes this way. Pets or children may accidentally knock over or get into the urn. Family members that live far away may feel separated or disconnected because the ashes are kept in a single urn that might be difficult to visit regularly. As cremation rates rise, families are looking for safe ways to share their loved ones, and artful glass cremation pieces are an increasingly popular choice.


Cremation glass art incorporates a small amount of ash into each piece. Because of this, families can ask for artisans to craft several pieces. Families can share these pieces without worrying about accidentally losing or scattering ashes. One innovative way that Celebration Ashes creates shareable treasures is with their Touchstones. These hand-held glass stones are gorgeously crafted yet designed to be touched and kept close as a comfort. When a family member or a pet is well-loved by many, creating a small memento that fits into the palm of the hand can become a lasting and cherished gift.


Providing Variety: Expressing The Uniqueness of Your Loved One 

Some customers are unsure of what design would best capture the spirit of their loved ones, while others have a specific vision or color scheme in mind. Either way, finding a company that provides a wide range of choices can help customers to create the perfect piece. While some artful ashes artisans offer a limited range of shapes and designs, other companies like Celebration Ashes know that our loved ones are unique and special. Having many choices to browse through allows customers to select mementos that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. 


Entrusting Cremation Ashes to an Artisan

It is natural to worry about collecting the cremation ashes and sending them off. Customers often live far from artisans and so, therefore, must send a portion of ashes to the company. The most common concern is that the ashes will get lost or even mixed up with another person’s loved one. Fortunately, companies like Celebration Ashes use a collection kit that ensures artisans carefully track ashes from the beginning of the process until the handcrafted items arrive back home. Unfortunately, not every artisan or company takes such detailed care to keep track of ashes, so customers should ensure that the company they do choose sends a detailed collection kit and that the ashes are mailed as cremation remains to ensure they are delivered safely and quickly. Ask about whether ashes are assigned a unique ID number and whether ashes are kept in-house or sent out, which can add an extra layer of risk with which many are uncomfortable.


It is normal to want to cling tightly to memories of loved ones. Many are afraid that they will forget or not think of them as often. Our bond with our loved ones may change, but it does not go away after they have passed. Having a visible piece of art that is portable and beautiful is a great way to regularly recall beautiful memories to the mind in a positive way. While many companies craft artful ashes into decorative glass pieces, customers are placing a great deal of trust in the company that the photo examples they see are true and accurate representations.


Tips for Selecting an Artisan to Handle Cremation Ashes

When people are looking for ways to memorialize or share their loved ones who have passed on, they are often overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do in the midst of grief. When we have lost someone dear to us, it can be a challenge to think clearly about practical matters. Before settling on an artful ashes company, it is essential to take the time to do a little research to ensure that you are sending your loved one to a safe and professional company. There are several things to consider when selecting a reputable company:


  • A professional website: Browse through the website to get a feel for the company. Are the photos clear and true to color? Is the website polished and professional? Be sure to take the time to read through the website. Many companies will offer a way to contact them. If you still have a number of questions after looking through the website, reach out to the company. Professional artisans will be sure to answer your questions promptly and thoroughly and will understand that you are reaching out during a painful and challenging time.
  • A wide variety of products and styles: Both you and your loved one are unique and special. You have a right to expect that the artful ashes company you select feels the same way. Having a broad selection of beautiful hand-blown glass designs and colors gives you the option of choosing a piece that captures some of the personality of the person or pet you are commemorating.
  • The option for customization: Sometimes, none of the artisan glass pieces quite capture the mood or style of your loved one. You knew your family member or pet best, and you may have a specific vision for creating a cremation ashes work of art. Having the option to speak with an artisan about your wishes is valuable. You may be able to create a truly special design or add custom colors. Experienced glass artisans are often able to help you bring your vision to life.
  • Choosing the correct shipping: Do not work with artisans who suggest that you mail your cremation ashes in the regular mail or disguised as another type of mail. The last thing you want is for your loved one’s ashes to get lost. Unfortunately, some companies do not emphasize shipping the ashes appropriately, so always check. The specialized shipping designed for cremation ashes ensures they arrive quickly and safely by implementing multiple checks and signatures. Finally, do not allow artisans to ship items to you without the same checks and signatures. You want your loved one to return to you, and the right companies will do everything to ensure that happens.
  • In-house versus contracted work: Customers should ask the companies they are considering whether the artful glass cremation pieces are crafted on-site or are coming from artisans who contract with the company. If a loved one’s ashes are traveling to several different places, there are more chances for something to go wrong in the process. Sending cremation ashes to artisans who work on-site can be a safer and more efficient way and often means you can expect to receive your unique memento more quickly.


Is the Cremation Glass Artist ICCFA Affiliated?

When it comes to something as serious and important as your loved one’s ashes, it is understandable why you and many others feel cautious or anxious about sending out ashes to be incorporated into glass art. While companies like Spirit Pieces, Artful Ashes, and Cremation Art Glass offer many attractive options, not every glass artist is ICCFA-affiliated. You may find it reassuring to choose a cremation glass art company that is affiliated with ICCFA. The International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association is a trade association founded in 1887 and represents thousands of funeral homes, cemeteries, memorial designers, and more. Members of ICCFA work to present comprehensive guidelines that help shape state legislation and provide advocacy and choice for consumers. Celebration Ashes has chosen to be a member of ICCFA in support of its mission to provide education and facilitate networking.


Are Glass Cremation Art Pieces Worth Waiting For?

Artisans know how difficult it is to grieve and make final decisions for a loved one at the same time. Once a customer finds a company they trust and sends out the ashes, they may find that the wait for the finished artful ashes to return to them feels very long. Some are fortunate to live close to the artisans they seek out and can retrieve their loved ones sooner, but creating original glass artwork takes time. Unfortunately, some artful ashes companies may take six weeks or longer to return a loved one in handcrafted glass. Customers should consider the tips we listed above for choosing a glass cremation art company, as well as how long they are willing to wait for a piece to arrive back home. The turnaround time can depend on a number of factors, including: 

  • The number of pieces to be created
  • Custom design or color inclusions
  • The professionalism of the company
  • The skill of the artisan
  • Possible seasonal delays

If you are anxious about the timeline from sending out your loved one’s ashes to having them returned, communication is key. Discuss concerns and, if necessary, ask the company you have chosen for clarification. The artists and employees who work with cremation ashes understand how vital each order is to the family members who are waiting at home for the finished pieces. There are strict regulations surrounding how cremation remains are handled through the postal service, but professional cremation glass artist companies will usually send additional communication to alert customers that the remains have arrived or will soon be sent out.


Making Cremation Keepsakes Safely and Professionally

There are more glass cremation art companies than ever before. These artisans are crafting artful ashes in a variety of ways. But not all companies and artisans are created the same. During times of intense feelings and grief, the challenge is to sort through the many options to find the company that answers all your concerns and questions and delivers exquisitely meaningful glass art. These mourning mementos will become cherished family heirlooms that help you and others keep their memories and spirits alive. Professionally designed and created glass cremation art pieces allow you to create beautiful, commemorative displays or easily take your loved one with you wherever you go.

Choose Celebration Ashes for all of these reasons to truly celebrate the lives of those you have lost.